Natalie Golba

My Story 


I was born in the Soviet Union (yes, I'm that old, but don't tell anyone). My family has been in the medical field for generations.

But despite my mother's best efforts to feed me wholesome foods, I struggled with my weight during puberty. Needless to say that there was a lot of dairy and meat in my diet.My classmates made fun of my exotic looks and natural shyness, which gave birth to a plethora of insecurities. I had to change 6 schools, but the story would repeat itself :(

As a teenager, I was obsessed with the gorgeous models on TV, so I decided to fast for a week to get their look. Big mistake. Not only did I not achieve the look I wanted, but I got my first stretch marks. I was only 17. Determined to lose weight, I started researching diets on the internet, and with a strict elimination diet, I was able to get the body I had always dreamed of. I began modeling while studying economics at university, and all seemed to be going so well. But then I moved to the US to pursue my career, and everything went off the rails.

When I looked at the mirror I saw an aging woman. Not me. I was gaining weight rapidly, and no matter what I did – running, yoga, HIIT, weights, keto, fasting – nothing seemed to work. I even tried that weird diet where you only eat grapefruit (don't ask). But the more I tried, the more I gained.

My friends told me it was just aging, but I wasn't ready to accept that. I cancelled dates, skipped castings, and even avoided going out in public because I didn't want people to see me like this. Instead, I'd head to the grocery store and eat my feelings, which only made things worse. All the insecurities I had as a teen came back. But even though I failed time and time again, I refused to give up. I spent years trying every diet, treatment, and exercise until one day, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

I will never forget that day. I was getting ready for my friend’s birthday and looked in the mirror. I heard that familiar voice telling me, "I am overweight. Nothing I wear looks good on me. Only if I lose weight do I deserve to be loved." At that moment, I silenced that voice and decided to choose a different approach. I gave myself permission not to be perfect and to love myself without any conditions. I began focusing on the things I love about myself. And that’s when something amazing happened. My life and my body started to change. Becoming my own best friend shifted my perception of myself and others.

From that day on, I began to notice the beauty in people and in the world around me. I’ve learned to celebrate the small successes instead of focusing on imperfections. My friends saw the transformation in me and started coming to me for nutrition and fitness advice. And that’s when I discovered that helping others made me happier than anything else.

Watching my friends blossom under my guidance was the most rewarding thing I'd ever experienced. The last six years I have been working as a private chef and nutrition advisor to top athletes and celebrities. I also launched my own catering company for corporate events in Los Angeles.

My mission is to share my personal eternal youth formula with millions of people in a safe space: a community where people can come together, free from judgment, and support each other on their journeys to conscious health of their bodies and minds.

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